Garnet Health Medical Center is now a car seat fitting station. This is a permanent site where parents and caregivers can either routinely go or call for appointments to have their child’s safety seat checked. Child Passenger Safety Technicians are on hand to inspect and install safety seats, as well as provide one-on one tutorial instruction on the proper use and installation of child restraints.

Child Passenger Safety Technicians will check for common misuses such as loose harness straps, loose seats, incorrect use of lower anchors and use of non-regulated (aftermarket) products. In forward-facing seats the top misuses were: loose seats, loose harness straps, incorrect placement of chest clips and non-use of tethers. Proper Seat Installation will be taught to parent or guardian, it takes about 30-45 minutes.

When selecting a car seat, child safety advocates do not recommend buying one used. Instead, parents are encouraged to purchase a new car seat that fits their child, upgrading regularly as kids grow older. New York state law requires that children under the age of eight must be secured in a child safety seat, although the state strongly recommends booster seats for older children who weigh more than 40 pounds.

To schedule your check – call 1-888-321-6762 or visit:

Can’t make it on the second Tuesday of the month?  View locations for additional car seat fitting stations.

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