The Greater Hudson Valley Health System has approved a new name for the health system which is the corporate parent of Catskill Regional Medical Center, Orange Regional Medical Center, Catskill Regional Medical Group, Orange Regional Medical Group, and the Orange Regional Medical Center Foundation. The new system name is Garnet Health.

Scott Batulis, President & CEO said, “As a growing health care system and expanding medical group, we need a name that is simple and easy to explain to our patients and our community. The name was chosen after an extensive process conducted by branding experts Interbrand Health in conjunction with our Marketing team, hospital and medical group leadership, and the Board of Directors. Interbrand is a world-wide company that has developed brands for many well-known national and international companies.”

To understand the brand objectives, Interbrand visited the health system’s locations, held interviews with leaders, and reviewed competitor brands. They discovered that above all, it is a health system that is inspired to go above and beyond to achieve excellence.

Interbrand developed a list of over 424 potential names. Then Interbrand researched if there were any identical and phonetic equivalents, negative language or cultural associations, or other misleading connotations. Ultimately, eight legally reviewed names emerged which were then discussed at the leadership and Board level.

Batulis said, “We looked at whether the name supports our future goals; whether it was thought-provoking, memorable and relatable; and whether it would be easy to implement in a way that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Finally one name emerged – Garnet Health.” Garnet, the New York State gemstone, suggests quality, leadership, and healing.

“The implementation of the name change will require significant planning and will be implemented over time,” Batulis continued. “We have to decide what the change will mean for our hospitals and medical group and how we will express the new name. This includes developing a logo and graphic elements, as well as creating guidelines on how we’ll use the brand.”

“We are an organization that has embraced change over time and I hope you will join me in supporting this important change. The care we provide to our patients always comes first and Garnet Health will quickly become a name associated with excellence.”