It’s June 2020 and we are all making our way back gradually to the “new normal.” What will YOUR’S look like??

Of course, you will adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear a mask, hand-wash, and stand 6 feet apart…  But what about your “new normal?”

Are you ready to start or continue your weight loss journey?

After being in quarantine for a few months, we all feel like bears hibernating for the winter, just waking up in spring to go face the world outside our cave!  The difference is the bears have been fasting all winter while they slept, while WE’VE been staying home, eating more, and exercising much less (both in structured activity and activities of daily living.)

“OK,” you say.  “I’m ready to jumpstart my weight loss journey and face my new normal head on… but, I put on a few more pounds while in quarantine and I don’t really know if I’m mentally ready to do the work involved.”

Enough negative thinking!  This is the perfect time to jump on the POSITIVE side of the equation.  “But how?” you say.

Just like our new normal is happening in phases, so too will your weight loss journey… with baby steps. This means regular weekly short term goals to facilitate necessary lifestyle changes. This will ultimately help you achieve your long-term goal of sustainable weight loss, along with two ultimate objectives:

  1. Improve the quality of your life
  2. Increase the years of life you have left.

Here are 7 Steps to help you to think more positively to start you on your way:

  1. Sleep well every night
  2. Stay active and exercise (yes walking counts!)
  3. Allow yourself the freedom to follow your passions
  4. Surround yourself with positive outlets
  5. Get at least 15 minutes of sunshine each day
  6. Help others
  7. Replace negative thoughts and SMILE with positive ones instead.

ALWAYS remember, your bariatric team is here for you, before and after to facilitate your ultimate success!