Don’t delay your care, especially in an emergency.

Garnet Health, formerly the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, continues to welcome patients for their routine doctor’s visits, elective surgeries, outpatient procedures and emergency care, and stresses not to put off healthcare needs. Every precaution is being taken to keep patients and visitors safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 hospitalizations at Garnet Health have decreased by nearly 100%. “The health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff has always been our highest priority,” said Garnet Health President & CEO, Scott Batulis. “We want to assure you and your families that our hospitals, emergency rooms and doctors’ offices are clean and safe to come to for care.”

Garnet Health’s commitment to the safety of patients, staff and community members is the reason for added safeguards that have been implemented to protect patients throughout the hospitals and medical practice. Staff performs hand hygiene more frequently, especially before and after patient contact, as well as wearing masks throughout their shift and especially during patient care interactions.

Garnet Health has dedicated employees who are experts, and in some cases specially certified, to perform an advanced level of cleaning and disinfecting in patient and public areas multiple times throughout the day, seven days a week. The System has also added a disinfectant misting process as another layer to the already stringent cleaning procedure. This application is used for daily disinfection of all patient care areas, emergency rooms and triage areas, public waiting rooms and bathrooms, equipment and supply rooms, elevators, stairwells, corridors, and furniture – essentially all touch points throughout all facilities. Special ultraviolet light is also used to further sanitize patient rooms which adds to the robust safety measures in place.

Additional protective measures at Garnet Health include:

  • Screening patients when setting appointments
  • Temperature checks and further screening upon arrival
  • Requiring all patients and visitors to wear an approved mask
  • Utilizing physical distancing barriers
  • Extensive handwashing
  • Staggered appointments to minimize patient traffic
  • Marking and arranging waiting rooms for easy social distancing
  • Testing all patients having surgery or a procedure for Covid-19 prior to their visit

For safe and convenient care in non-emergent situations, Garnet Health Urgent Care provides curbside check-in. Upon arrival at Urgent Care, patients can remain in their cars and call the following numbers. Middletown: 845-333-7575, ‘option #3′. Monticello: 845-333-6500,‘option #3′. A nurse will call Urgent Care patients back while they are in their car to let them know when an exam room is ready for them. For further convenience, Telehealth appointments are also available with Garnet Health Doctors via video, E-visit or by telephone. To schedule your visit, please call Garnet Health Doctors at 333-7575.

To learn more about how Garnet Health is keeping the community safe at our facilities, visit