Orange Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that Director of Diagnostic Imaging, Joyce Timko, MBA, CRA, RT(R)(CT)(M), was  a guest speaker at the National Association for Medical Imaging Management’s (AHRA) 2019 Annual Meeting in July.

While at the meeting, Ms. Timko shared her experience leading Orange Regional Medical Center through its journey to earn the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) designation in 2018.

Noting that it took more than two years to gain DICOE designation, Ms. Timko explained “It was worth the effort as ORMC is now a leader in diagnostic imaging.”

Earning the ACR DICOE designation can help diagnostic imaging providers stand out among the competition. A two-part presentation at the AHRA 2019 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, examined the DICOE assessment process and included Ms. Timko’s presentation.

To become a DICOE, a department or practice has to meet certain requirements. All modalities that are offered must receive ACR accreditation, for example, and active participation in the Dose Index Registry and General Radiology Improvement Database, are mandatory. Each individual technologist must also pledge to both Imaging Gently and Image Wisely.

Once those baseline criteria are met, Timko explained, a three-person team performs an on-site assessment focused on the facility’s imaging quality, policies, personnel and more. Results are provided at the end of the assessment, and a list of required changes may be requested to make within a certain time frame.

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