Welcome to Garnet Health Medical Center's Nursing Annual Report

At Garnet Health Medical Center (GHMC), quality is the center of our continual journey for nursing excellence. Our mission is devoted to improving the health of our community by providing exceptional healthcare. Patient-centered care, which places our patients and families first, is paramount. Transparency and open communication foster a robust and engaged workforce. We are driven by operational excellence, teamwork, collaboration and communication, so that nurses are accountable and take ownership to provide an impeccable healing environment for our peers, our patients and our community.

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These past two years, healthcare and our lives have changed dramatically. Even through a pandemic and its aftermath, GHMC has been busy re-establishing its workforce growth numbers—but more importantly, enhancing and promoting professional excellence. Our Shared Governance Nursing Congress exemplifies evidence-based practice through ongoing research projects at all levels. Members of our team have been recognized at state, national and international levels. By participating in Shared Governance Nursing Congress Committees and Councils, GHMC nurses make change happen. We work at a facility that encourages staff to use evidence to enhance the quality of care we provide to our patients. Our peers act as a team to teach and mentor one another.

When a nurse obtains their license, they make an extraordinary decision to dedicate their career to the science and Art of Nursing. Decisions were made on which school to attend and apply their most important years of study to achieve licensure. Choosing a healthcare employer is an important decision. We are proud of our second Magnet designation in 2021 and that over 1,000 nurses have chosen to practice the Art of Nursing within our walls. Nursing is the foundation in driving the patient experience to provide exceptional service. The list of achievements for 2022 signifies only a small amount of the work that is done by our nursing staff.

The difference at GHMC is that our nurses own their practice. It is part of our nursing strategic plan and goals. The future is in our hands to enhance the patient experience, encourage professional growth and embrace cultural diversity within our community. The 2025 journey for our third Magnet redesignation is all about celebrating GHMC nursing excellence in practice.


Nicole Sewell, MSN, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC
Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services