"Luza Rosa and Jessica Knowles"In 2006, Luz Rosa was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and underwent a series of successful radiation treatments. However, in early 2023, she began experiencing constant burning pain and irritation in her cervix and lower abdomen. Because of the pain, Luz could not sit for more than a few minutes at a time, sleep through the night or drive long distances. Her ability to live her life and do something as simple as go out to dinner was impossible due to the constant pain. 

After almost a year of constant pain and several visits to her OBGYN with no relief, Luz was diagnosed with radiation cystitis, a late side effect of her prior radiation treatments. Her radiation oncologist, Dr. Thomas Eanelli, then referred her to the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at Garnet Health Medical Center where he and Dr. Inocencia Carrano, Medical Director of the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center, recommended hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy to repair her damaged tissue.

"HBO therapy is a safe, noninvasive treatment that can help repair tissue damaged from radiation,” explains Program Director Jessica Knowles. “It uses 100% pure oxygen under pressure to enhance the body’s ability to heal.”

When Luz first visited the center, she was anxious and felt hopeless that the pain would never go away. She also admitted to having some claustrophobia, but with the help and support of the center’s staff and HBO technician, she was able to become comfortable in the hyperbaric chamber. After 45 consistent treatments, Luz was pain free.

“Luz is one of the many patients that we are able to help everyday with HBO therapy,” says Dr. Carrano.  “The burning, bleeding and frequent urination is very debilitating and demoralizing. So many patients are discouraged that the radiation used to treat their cancer has resulted in yet another problem for them to deal with. The happiness and relief Luz felt after the successful treatment of her radiation cystitis is a victory that we celebrate with her and all our patients. That is what medicine is all about.”

“My healing journey was a life changing experience,” Luz exclaims. “I am so relieved and grateful to finally be pain free. The dedicated and experienced staff at the wound center gave me back my life.” Now, she can sleep, drive and play with her grandchildren again. Luz adds, “I want other people who have a condition like mine to know that there is hope and a treatment that can help them get their lives back.”

By Jessica Knowles, RN

Jessica Knowles is the Program Director and Operations Manager at RestorixHealth. She has over 17 years of practical experience in skilled-nursing, sub-acute nursing and rehabilitation care facilities. This includes two years of nursing care supervisor experience, ten years as a practical nurse, and five years as a certified nursing assistant. Her professional expertise includes all areas of wound-care, pain management, diabetes management, respite care, long-term care, post-surgical care and post-acute/short-term rehabilitation skills performed in sub-acute nursing care facilities. She has an associate's degree in Nursing from Helene Fuld College of Nursing, in Harlem, NY. She is currently working on her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at Chamberlain College of Nursing in Chicago, IL

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