Thank you for Janet for writing this testimonial letter in regards to her husbands cancer care treatment.

"My husband, Ed, was diagnosed with melanoma cancer in 2007. In 2017, we discovered his cancer had metastasized to his lung and brain. Ed was age forty-six. Long story short, Ed has had a number of emergency room visits, treatments and operations at Catskill and Orange Regional Medical Centers, now Garnet Health. The care Ed has received has been amazing and I would like to thank some of your talented and caring staff. Please pass along our appreciation to your staff and boards.

Dr. Degen performed brain surgery five days after Ed was diagnosed. Before the surgery, we spent the weekend at Orange Regional Medical Center. Our very large extended family were allowed to visit and we were treated with the utmost care and understanding. The surgery went well and we were informed of updates often by the surgical staff. 

Ed had several doses of radiation with Dr. Eanelli at the Spagnoli Family Cancer Center. We were scared and had no idea what to expect. We left with a positive attitude, which is infectious around Dr.Eanelli, who gave us sound confident advice while radiating a genuine love of life. On our first visit, Dr.Eanelli took the time to find out about our family and what we did for a living. How wonderful not to be treated as a number and rushed out of the office. He also remembered to ask about our children and how our vacation went on subsequent visits. We have great respect for Dr. Eanelli and his staff, Marge, RN and others. I'm sure it is not easy to deal with patients who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

More recently, Dr. Lewis removed a cancerous tumor from Ed's lung on September 9, 2020. Dr. Lewis was highly recommended for his surgical skill. We were told he was an exceptional surgeon. This was an understatement. Dr. Lewis performed Ed's surgery into the late evening hours and Ed had very little recovery time before he was ready to go back to work within a week. I must give Pat, the head nurse at the surgical unit, much credit. Ed has Type I Diabetes, developed while receiving cancer treatment, and was "hangery" while waiting for his surgery. Pat was fantastic and showed empathy like we have never experienced. I remember what Pat said to us that day. Pat said we all need to show a little more compassion towards others because you don't know what they are going through. He is right and we are thankful he helped us that day.

I often joke that Ed is a member of the frequent flyer program at the emergency departments in Callicoon and Harris, NY. Our family has used the emergency department many times over the years in Callicoon, NY. The ease and efficiency of this department is above and beyond. Our son was a physical therapy out-patient twice for torn ACLs. Dr. Megan Eggleton and staff made sure he had after school appointments. We never questioned he received the best treatment. We highly recommend the psychical therapy unit to friends and family. It is very comforting to have such a facility close to serve the western end of the county.

Ed's last emergency department visit was in Harris, NY. Ed was brought immediately into a room and seen by a nurse. Dr. Gonzales had reviewed Ed's extensive history before examining him. This attention to detail made us confident proper tests and issues of concern would be addressed. It also helped since all his medical records were available for all staff to review.

Ed has received immunotherapy treatment at the Cancer Care Center at Garnet Health Medical Center- Catskills since 2017. This department and its staff have been a Godsend. When Ed was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007, we thought we had to travel to Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan, NY, to get the best care. Although we are and remain extremely grateful for the advice of the doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering, we found there is no need to travel 100 miles and use an entire day for exceptional care. Dr. Kamthan, now retired, made sure to explain test results and issues in detail using simple language to guide us in our treatment options. Now, Dr. Modi gives us the same respect to thoroughly explain test results and deliver the sometimes bad news. Although difficult to receive bad news, it is my belief you need to be well Informed and the direct approach is most helpful.

A very special thank you to the kind hearted staff at the Cancer Care Center at Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills. The nurses have been with us through the good and difficult times.  These wonderful people include Kathy Menges, Mary O'Shea, Lori Just, Glorianne Ellison (now in another role) and the rest of the staff. They really are like family. They treat you like family. They remember to celebrate your birthday, your children's successes, and milestones in your treatment. They greet you with a big smile and warmly welcome you when you enter the department. I know they have a very difficult job. Not all the patients are having success and you cannot avoid feeling someone's sorrow or pain. It is their compassion and professionalism that impresses us the most. We know Ed will receive the best care every time we enter this department. How fortunate and grateful we are for this department and the open hearts of the people who work there.

There are so many other staff members we would like to thank including the staff at the laboratory and radiology departments. Ed is busy with two jobs, corrections officer and electrician. He is also a volunteer fireman. It is rare when he has to wait extended periods of time for an appointment, service or treatment. This respect for Ed's time is much appreciated. Stephanie in billing has straightened out a number of insurance issues for us. Stephanie is knowledgeable and proficient in dealing with these challenges. She also is pleasant to work with and patient. 

We know this year has been especially challenging for all those in the medical field. Words cannot express the gratitude we all feel for you. Thank you and all the staff for making ours and the communities lives better. Best wishes to you and the Garnet Health Medical Center's employees for a happy holiday and healthy New Year.

Janet & Family"