A mother and grandmother, Robin Olin was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She received exceptional care from Garnet Health Doctors Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Cleveland Lewis and the expert team at the Spagnoli Family Cancer Center at Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown.

“Based on my experience, I would strongly suggest that you go to Garnet Health Medical Center. Not because I went there, but because of the staff that’s there. I can say that everyday I am more thankful. I am just a grateful woman. I really am.”

-Robin Olin, Lung Cancer Survivor

Lung Cancer Treatment at Garnet Health Medical Center

In October of 2014, Robin began experiencing a pain in her chest. After examination of her heart and lungs and after conducting pulmonary lobectomy surgery, Dr. Cleveland Lewis, Jr. Thoracic Surgeon of Garnet Health Doctors, diagnosed Robin with Stage 1 Lung Cancer. Dr. Lewis had to remove 32% of her right lung.

Following this first surgery, Robin’s grandson, Caleb Nathaniel, was born. At this moment Robin knew she wanted to be in her grandchild’s life. Her love for him gave her the courage and determination to undergo an additional surgery to remove additional cancer discovered on her left lung.

Supporting Cancer Patients Through Their Journey to Survivorship

With the support of her family and her church, Robin found the determination she needed to fight and survive her lung cancer. Robin also gained so many insights from the team and our support services offered at Garnet Health Medical Center, including our Lung Cancer Patient Navigator program, and our Lung Cancer Support Group.

“When you walk into my office, or any thoracic surgeon’s office, and you’re diagnosed with lung cancer, the idea of a cure can seem so far away. You’re alone in the world. No one else that you know has lung cancer – you feel like you are by yourself. And that’s not true.”

-Dr. Cleveland Lewis, Garnet Health Doctors Thoracic Surgeon

The Lung Cancer Support Group is for patients and their friends and families whose lives have been affected by lung cancer. The support group setting provides education, resources and brings together people who have a similar diagnosis to share experiences, concerns and fears as they battle lung cancer together.

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“Robin is an amazing, strong woman. During that time, Robin attended the Lung Cancer Support Group and received support from other people that went through similar circumstances.”

-Jayne O’Malley, RN, OCN, Lung Cancer Patient Navigator

During her lung cancer journey to survivorship, Robin regularly attended the Lung Cancer Support Group. She also attended this our annual Cancer Survivor’s Day event at Garnet Health Medical Center and volunteers every Thursday at Garnet Health Medical Center with the goal of being an advocate for cancer awareness.

Thank you, Robin!

We are so thankful for the time that Robin volunteers with us and love to see her as, not only an active participant in our community here at Garnet Health Medical Center, but also as a voice of support and experience for others in our community (and beyond) who are in their own cancer journeys. And for that, we’d like to extend our warmest gratitude to Robin, for her courage to share her story with us all!