Thank you for Keili for writing this testimonial letter in regards to her father's care at Garnet Health.

"My father was a patient at Garnet a few weeks ago. The two weeks he was there were some of the scariest of my life, and being a two hour drive away and totally unprepared to navigate the complexities of the medical system made that so much scarier.

During that time, the incredible staff at the hospital provided comfort and support well beyond the call of duty. Amongst all of these amazing people was John Bova who I took to calling Saint John. The high-touch approach he takes doing everything from explaining how the system works to giving me counseling in my own grief helped me survive this horrible time. He also masterfully managed next steps in my dad's post-hospital treatment. I didn't have to work or worry to ensure my father had the care he needed after he left. John even called the day after my dad's transfer just to see how we were all doing. 

If nothing else, the good that has come of all of this is that it's reminded me of the humanity in the world, and that there are people who care not out of obligation but because they are truly amazing people who put their hearts into their jobs. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate John and that you have an amazing caregiver on your team who I feel fortunate to have met during this process. 

With gratitude,