Parenting your baby when they have been admitted to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be a challenge for most parents. Everyday can pose to be an emotional and physical roller coaster, as you recover from childbirth yourself and already feel an intense bond with your baby.

It can be very frustrating to not be able to hold your baby right after his/her birth or, in many cases, leave your baby in the NICU after you are discharged from your childbirth hospital stay. The good news is that at Garnet Health Medical Center, we encourage all our parents to play an active role in your NICU baby’s care at our facilities, as his or her condition permits.

We believe our parents play very important role in helping their infants through their time spent in the NICU. Learn tips for caring for your NICU baby and what to expect during his/her stay.

Visiting and caring for your NICU baby

The best way that you can participate in your NICU baby’s care during their stay after childbirth is, simply, to visit as much possible. This, sometimes, is easier said than done as you may not live close to Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown, NY. Possibly you have other children at home that need caring for as well, or a wide array of other responsibilities and constraints. Do not worry, while you are away, please be assured that our team of neonatal specialists have years of experience in caring for and treating the tiniest of patients.

When you are able to visit your NICU baby, there are many things that you can do with your baby as he/she is in the NICU. Holding, touching, feeding, diapering, bathing, taking temperature, etc., are all aspects of caring for your baby that your nurse will teach you, step-step, as you and your baby are ready.

We encourage you to coordinate your visits around feeding times, bath time, etc., and ask that you collaborate with your nurse on when you can visit to participate in these activities. Feel free to also take pictures of your baby. Flash cameras are allowed and will not harm your baby.

New parents and parents with young children find themselves wishing they could be better prepared should they be faced with an emergency situation with their children and loved ones. Take control and be prepared. Sign up for our CPR / Basic Life Support Training Course. View upcoming dates and times and sign up today.

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