• Breast milk is medicine for your premature baby. If you intend to breastfeed, inform your baby’s nurse so she can help you get started with pumping and storage of breast milk. Our lactation consultant is available to ensure your success.
  • Please notify your insurance company of the baby’s birth as soon as possible to place the baby on your policy.
  • Choose and/or notify your pediatrician as soon as possible.
  • Obtain an appropriate infant car seat, and if necessary, a preemie insert.
  • Obtain and read the CPR book (Life Saver Baby), view the CPR video and perform a hands-on CPR demonstration with baby’s nurse.
  • Our Case Management Social Worker Team is available to support you; please ask your nurse, or you may call the department at 1-845-333-2179.
  • If your baby is going home with a special monitor; please obtain a letter from us to give to your telephone and electric companies.
  • Clergy Services are available at 845-333-1014, should you be need of spiritual support.
  • Gifts such as flowers and latex balloons are not permitted in the NICU.