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Taking communication between you and your provider to the next level, visit notes in MyChart allows you to view your doctor’s notes from your visits.

What are Visit Notes?

Visit notes are written by doctors, nurses or other health professionals to describe the interactions with patients during their visits - notes are part of the medical record. It helps patients, families, doctors, nurses, therapists and others to prepare and share meaningful visit notes describing a telehealth or office visit.

The multicenter OpenNotes study found that approximately 4 out of 5 patients, when actively offered the opportunity, read their notes. Patients who read their doctor's notes report the following benefits:

  • A better understanding of their health and medical conditions;
  • Recall their care plan more accurately;
  • Being better prepared for visits;
  • Feeling more in control of their care;
  • Take better care of themselves;
  • More frequently take their medications as prescribed; and
  • Have better conversations and stronger relationships with their doctor

Additionally, visit notes may assist caregivers in providing optimal care. Many patients, including chronically ill or elderly patients, rely on family members or other care partners to coordinate appointments, tests, medications, and general care plans. Data suggest that care partners benefit from note sharing as much as the patients themselves.

How do I access Visit Notes in MyChart?

At Garnet Health Doctors, we are proud to offer a higher level of engagement and communication with our patients by offering visit notes. Ready to gain access? Log into your MyChart Account now - navigate to "Appointments and Visits” and Click "View Notes."

Visit Notes are available for any appointments after July 1, 2020.

To sign up for MyChart, ask a member of your Garnet Health Care Team! Call or email our MyChart Help Desk: or call 845-333-2345.

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