School & Sports Physicals at Garnet Health

At Garnet Health, our staff understands that a healthier child is a happier child — and by extension, happier parents. When it comes time for your child’s annual school physicals, or if they need a sports physical to participate in school sports or other physical activities, our providers have you covered.

During school physicals, your child is examined from head to toe, making sure they are ready to live their life to the fullest in the classroom and on the field. Rest assured, our providers are on your team in your family’s quest for good health.

School Physicals

The providers at Garnet Health are experts in the healthy development of children. During an annual back-to-school checkup, your child’s physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant will complete a full physical examination, which includes observation of emotional, developmental and social well-being. A complete back-to-school physical at Garnet Health can include:

  • Administering immunizations when necessary with your consent
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Cholesterol and anemia test when appropriate
  • Discussion about healthy diet and exercise habits
  • General wellness and safety screening
  • Vision screening

Because adolescence is a transformative time filled with many questions, the annual school physical is also a time when you and your child or teen can discuss coming-of-age issues with your provider. These may include challenges related to peer pressure, sexual activity and substance abuse. That is why establishing a strong relationship with a provider you trust is important. We are here to partner with your family every step of the way.

Sports Physicals

Our Garnet Health providers are your go-to experts for all things related to athletics and health. Whether your child is a dancer, a football player or a runner, a sports physical is essential to making sure they are ready to safely participate. During this physical, our providers can: 

  • Ask questions about heart health and refer your family to a pediatric cardiologist if appropriate
  • Identify bone, joint or growth issues
  • Provide guidance related to nutrition and physical therapy

Is It Time for Your Child's School & Sports Physicals? 

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