Visitation to Garnet Health Facilities

Garnet Health recognizes that patients need the support of family and friends while they are in the hospital or visiting for an outpatient appointment or procedure. We welcome visitors and request that you follow our visitation guidelines in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. It is required that all visitors wear hospital issued masks, provided upon your arrival, the entire time of your visit and that you remain socially distant and practice good hand hygiene often. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hospital Amenities

All our patients and visitors have the following general hospital amenities available to them during their stay or visit, including: public Wifi, gift shop, dining services, ATM, language assistance, and much more.

Please note that virtual video visits can easily be arranged so family and love ones can remain in contact while hospitalized. To arrange a video visit, please speak with your nurse or the Patient Advocacy department, at:

  • Garnet Health Medical Center (formerly known as ORMC): 845-333-1164
  • Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills (formerly known as CRMC): 845-794-3300 x2185

View tabbed content below for Visitation guidelines per facility.

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Middletown Campus - Effective July 26, 2021

You are required to wear your hospital issued mask the entire duration of your visit, and remain socially distant and practice good hand hygiene often.

Sunday to Saturday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm

No more than two (2) visitors at a time, 12 years or older
Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis

2 East
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm 1 visitor per day for 30 minutes; food is allowed

6 South
Two (2) support persons, 18 years or older, plus a Doula, allowed 24/7.

6 North
Partner allowed 24/7; One (1) visitor allowed at a time; only sibling(s) 12 years or older allowed during visiting hours.

Mom and banded support person allowed 24/7; only sibling(s) 12 years or older allowed during visiting hours.

24/7 Emergency Department
One (1) visitor / support person allowed 24/7, after patient screening is complete;
Two (2) visitors allowed for pediatric patients.

Outpatient Services & Urgent Care
Two (2) visitors / support person allowed to accompany patient through registration process; visitors allowed to wait in waiting area; One (1) visitor allowed to OR holding area. Eating is not permitted.

COVID+ & PUI Patients
Two (2) visitors at a time, per day; duration of visit 30 to 60 mins.  Visitors must adhere to the specific PPE protocol for COVID-19. Virtual visitation is available, please call the unit.

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Harris and Callicoon Campuses - Effective June 16, 2021

Two visitors at a time 12 years or older. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. 
Visitors must remain in the patient’s room and hand hygiene must be performed. 

Inpatient areas:  

  • 5 East, 2 West, CCU: two (2) visitors at a time between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm.
  • COVID+/PUI: two (2) visitors at a time with 60 minutes maximum, recommended.
  • End of life patients: three (3) visitors at a time. 
  • OB Delivery: one (2) support person and or doula.    
  • OB Postpartum: two (2) visitor at a time, 18 years or older between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm in addition to the designated support person and or doula.

Emergency Department:  

  • Visitation is open 24/7 and limited to one (1) visitor/support person per patient, 18 years or older.
  • Two Screened visitors allowed at bedside for pediatric patients.

Procedural areas: 

  • OR, Endoscopy, Diagnostic Imaging, and Outpatient Services and Offices: 
  • One (1) visitor will be allowed to accompany patient and may wait in the waiting area for the patient if social distancing requirements & maximum room capacity allow. 
  • If the waiting room is full, visitor will not be able to accompany the patient for their outpatient procedure or visit after the point of registration. 
  • One (1) support person is allowed for the OB anatomy Ultrasound.

Behavioral Health Unit:

  • Visiting hours are 11:00 am-12:00 pm and 6:00 pm-7:00 pm daily
  • Visits are limited to 30 minute intervals and only one visitor per patient per day.
  • Contact the unit to schedule.

Skilled Nursing Unit:

  • Indoor and outdoor visitation allowed within limited capacity. 
  • Virtual visitation is available.
  • Quarantine restrictions apply. 
  • Scheduled visitation with the unit coordinator.

Garnet Health Doctors’ Appointments & Urgent Care

  • One (1) visitor / support person allowed to accompany patient through registration process
  • Visitor allowed to wait in waiting area per social distancing requirements and room capacity allowances; eating and drinking is not permitted.

Other areas of our facility: 

  • The cafeteria(s) and café are open to visitors at both the Harris and Callicoon Campuses. Visitors will be permitted to eat in our cafeterias but must follow the rules of wearing masks while in the building at all times except when they are eating.
  • Chesed room is open during visitor hours. Visitors must stay masked and maintain social distancing. 
  • Hand hygiene must be performed entering and exiting the patient’s room, and before/after handling mask.
  • Virtual visitation for all patients can be arranged through nursing.

Telehealth Visits

Our Telehealth program offers a convenient access to telephone and video visits for new and existing patients - at home, in the office or while away from home.

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