Metal Detectors Ensure Patient, Visitor & Employee Safety

In an effort to provide a safer environment for guests and staff members, Garnet Health Medical Center utilizes a Visitor Management System and metal detectors. For more information, please call 845-333-1000.

Metal Detector FAQs

Why did Garnet Health Medical Center decide to install metal detectors?

Implementing safety measures, especially those that have the ability to detect weapons, is a proactive measure, and an industry best practice, that can help to prevent tragic incidents from happening.

Where will metal detectors be placed and when will they be used?

At our Main Lobby entrance during lobby hours of 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, every day. And, at our Emergency Room entrance 24/7.

Who is required to pass through metal detectors?

All visitors, patients and employees (whether off or on duty) who are entering the building through our Main Lobby entrance and or Emergency Room entrance.

What if I’m an employee, do I have to go through the metal detector?

Anyone, employee or other persons, entering the facility through our emergency room and or main entrance must go through the metal detectors whether on or off duty. Employees reporting to work and leaving work should be utilizing employee entrances. All employees entering the facility through the emergency room and or main entrances are subject to the same screening process as others and are also required to secure a visitor pass if they are off duty.

Do I have to pass through the metal detector if I did so earlier, left and came back?

Yes. All visitors, patients and employees (whether off or on duty) must pass through the metal detectors each and every time they enter the building through the Main Lobby entrance and or Emergency Room entrance.

What if someone entering the hospital has a medical emergency in progress?

Patients entering with obvious life threatening emergencies will be allowed to bypass the metal detector, unchallenged. Unconscious, critically ill, or seriously injured patients need not be scanned.

Do patients arriving to the hospital in an ambulance need to pass through metal detectors?

Only emergency vehicles are permitted to enter through the ambulance entrance. Patients arriving by ambulance do not pass through detectors.

Do patients and visitors arriving to the emergency room in a private vehicle have to pass through metal detectors?

Patients and visitors and employees (whether off or on duty) entering through the Emergency Room entrance will be required to pass through the metal detector unless a life threatening medical emergency is in progress upon their arrival.

Will or could the metal detectors adversely affect my health?

Research has produced no information which would indicate that our metal detectors or wands have any adverse effects on a person’s health in general. Research further indicates no adverse effects on medical implants and pregnancy. However, patients with pacemakers or other medical issues may request to bypass the metal detectors and be scanned with a wand.

What if I have a permit to carry a firearm?

We are a firearm-free facility with the exception of on duty law enforcement and armed security personnel. Any person with a valid carry permit will be asked to return their firearm to their vehicle. Only, on duty law enforcement will bypass the metal detectors.

What if I pass through the metal detector and it goes off?

Persons activating the metal detector will be asked to empty their pockets of all metallic objects and will be instructed to re-enter the detector. The metal detector will show zones of activity that indicate specific areas of the body where metal are present. A second activation will necessitate the officer to conduct a scan utilizing a wand. Subsequent activations will be handled on a case by case basis. This may include denied access.

What about people passing through the metal detector in a wheel chair or who need the assistance and support of a walker or cane?

Persons entering in a wheelchair or with the aid of a metallic walker or cane will be scanned with a wand.

Will bags be checked or scanned, too?

Yes. All baggage, brief cases, purses, back-packs, sacks, baby carriers, patient gifts, etc., will be inspected for weapons by the assistant at the metal detection post. Persons declining searches of items will not be allowed to bring the articles into the facility.

What happens if illegal weapons or other illegal items are found during inspection?

In the event of discovery of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or other contraband, the security officer will contact our security command center immediately and request police assistance. Persons who are found to be in violation of state law or city ordinance for weapon offenses are subject to criminal charges. Weapons will be confiscated and placed into police evidence.

Do children have to pass through the metal detectors?


What if a child activates the metal detector?

The procedure is the same and will take place in the presence of their parent/guardian/adult they are accompanying. The child will be requested to empty their pockets and will be instructed to walk through the metal detector again. Subsequent activations will require the officer to conduct a scan utilizing a wand.

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