Complementary Care & Therapies

We believe that complementary therapies can be a valuable part of our patient care plan, from cancer care to behavioral health.

Holistic Therapies We Offer

At this time, we offer Reiki, Aromatherapy, Pet therapy and Guided Imagery during a hospital stay at Garnet Health Medical Center if resources are available.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a cutting edge technology assisting our physicians and staff to provide exceptional patient care. This method helps our patients find distraction and relief from pain, as well as reduces anxiety and stress.  We have offered Virtual Reality to help laboring mothers in our Rowley Family Birthing Center, and in our Pediatric Department.

As virtual reality continues to gain momentum across the board, its benefits are being tapped by healthcare professionals to allay fears, reduce anxiety and relieve pain. Video by FORBES.

Patient Support

Patient Support

Supporting our patients holistically when they needs us the most - with our case management, patient experience, and cancer patient navigator programs.

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Patient Stories

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