On March 14, we'll set our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. But that means we lose an hour of sleep. That's a jolt that can disrupt your sleep habits and the quality of your sleep. Plus, the time change can reveal sleep problems you didn't even realize you have.

The good news: There are numerous remedies to help you get the rest you need!

Several symptoms may indicate if you have a sleep disorder. Your bed partner may notice that you stop breathing frequently; you snore loudly; are sleepy during the day; wake up often during the night; or fall asleep at inappropriate times. You also may have more difficulty getting up in the morning.

To reduce these symptoms during the spring time change, try going to bed earlier and maintain your schedule throughout the day. In the morning, for instance, go outside to experience the brightness of sunlight. You also should avoid naps, caffeine and alcohol. If the symptoms don't disappear within a few days, you may need to see a physician.
Sleep apnea, insomnia and narcolepsy are common sleep-disorder diagnoses. Sleep apnea, for instance, can be dangerous because you stop breathing frequently. Oxygen levels in the body fall. Over time, that can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart disease and even death.

Treatments can include lifestyle changes, such as losing weight; a machine called a CPAP that, through a mask, pumps air into your body to help you breathe while you sleep; and medical treatments that can include medication or surgery, such as a tonsillectomy.

It's important to recognize that kids can be affected too. Sleep problems can hurt children's health, performance in school and create discomfort or irritability. So, it’s important to pay attention to possible symptoms.

Good news! Garnet Health Medical Center's Center for Sleep Medicine performs sleep studies, which are painless, non-invasive tests conducted by our Board-certified physicians and specially trained technicians in a relaxing environment. These studies monitor breathing, heart rate, blood-oxygen levels, eye movement, muscle tone and other factors. Experts will provide you with a diagnosis tailored especially to your condition and help you get the rest you need.

As part of your medical care, Garnet Health now offers Visit Notes, a free service. Visit Notes lets you review your last Garnet Health Doctors appointment in detail. Simply go online to see the information provided to you by your physician. If you're a caretaker, you can get a recap of your loved one’s last appointment, diagnosis or treatment.

Visit Notes can be found within the MyChart app. MyChart is Garnet Health's secure, online 24/7 patient portal, and it organizes your medical records. You can receive test results, schedule appointments or Telehealth visits, and even request prescription refills. Visit to sign up. Visit Notes are just one way that Garnet Health Doctors can help you take charge of your health. With eight locations and convenient hours, our skilled, compassionate team will partner with you to maintain well-being.

Don't delay that doctor's visit, picking up that prescription, or doing the things that keep you healthy. You can trust that you'll be safe from COVID-19 when going to a Garnet Health hospital or doctor's office. Steps to protect your health include taking your temperature when you enter. All registration and waiting areas use social distancing. Facilities have installed plastic shielding in key areas, and patient appointments are staggered to minimize foot traffic. These steps are complemented by aggressive cleaning and sanitizing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Telehealth visits are also available. Telehealth is an easy, convenient way to talk to a doctor via a phone call or live video. This means you don't have to leave your home – and that you can receive care from anywhere. Most insurance plans cover Telehealth, so don't ignore symptoms or ailments that you would typically visit or call your doctor about.

To set up a Telehealth or in-person appointment, call (845) 333-7575. To learn more, visit or call our Bethel office at (845) 333-6600, the Callicoon office at (845) 333-6800, the Harris office at (845) 794-5335, the Liberty office at (845) 333-6900, our Livingston Manor office at (845) 439-3579, the Middletown office at (845) 333-7575, the Monroe office at (845) 333-7830 or the Monticello office at (845) 333-6500. A practice in Goshen opens this spring.



Joseph Chavez Carey, MD, FAAFP
By Joseph Chavez Carey, MD, FAAFP
Primary Care Medical Director, Garnet Health Doctors

Primary Care Medical Director Dr. Chavez Carey is Board-certified in Family Medicine. He received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in California. Dr. Chavez Carey sees patients of all ages – including kids – and is fluent in Spanish. He is a Castle Connolly 2018-2019 Top Doctor and was ranked as the 2018 Favorite Doc by Hudson Valley Parent.

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