Pediatric Screenings at Garnet Health

As a busy parent, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Between soccer games and dance classes, scheduling your family’s annual screenings may end up on the back-burner. Pediatric healthcare screening and wellness appointments are of the utmost importance to ill patients as well as those in good health. Viruses, developmental abnormalities and other illnesses can spring up almost as fast as your child grows. 

At Garnet Health, our providers understand that your child’s health is of upmost importance to you. Pediatric preventive medicines, tests and treatments are designed to give parents peace of mind. We provide parents in Orange County and Sullivan County, NY, with strong pediatric support systems in an inviting environment that promotes family-centered, holistic care. 

Pediatric Screenings Offered at Garnet Health

What Are Pediatric Screenings?

Pediatric screenings are early-detection tools that help identify abnormal developments and diseases in children. By spotting initial signs of illness, children can benefit from medical interventions aimed at preventing serious health conditions. 

Pediatric checkups at Garnet Health include head-to-toe exams, such as:

  • Vision screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Dental screening
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Lead screening
  • Nutrition screening
  • Growth screening
  • General health risk screening
  • Family history screening
  • Referral for genetic screening when appropriate
  • Diabetic screening when appropriate

Why Annual Pediatric Screenings & Checkups Are Necessary

Garnet Health’s experienced family medicine teams help your child transition into adolescence and adulthood. We partner with parents, providing education and resources to nurture your child’s well-being. Pediatric screenings and annual checkups are necessary health visits that foster comfortable patient-doctor relationships. These visits help encourage children to ask questions about their bodies, set healthy goals and prioritize healthy habits.

How Often Should You Schedule Pediatric Screenings?

Regardless of age or health, all children (infants to adolescents) should have an annual checkup and pediatric screening. In cases of sudden illnesses, chronic conditions or developmental concerns, scheduling more frequent visits is encouraged.

Garnet Health child-life programs, holistic therapies and emotional support groups help children and families benefit from comprehensive pediatric services. Our programs are designed to help familiarize young children, adolescents and their families with clinical environments, minimizing fears and providing access to a healing, comfortable and educational healthcare experience.

Looking for pediatric care in Orange and Sullivan County, NY? Turn to Garnet Health. 

Complementary Care

Benefit from the comfort of other parents, as well as education to round out your parenting skills. Explore our community support groups and community classes.

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