Intensive & Critical Care at Garnet Health

When there’s a health emergency, you want expert care nearby. The intensive care teams at Garnet Health provide that for you and your loved ones, around the clock. Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown and our Critical Care Units (CCU) at Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills in Harris and Callicoon are ready to anticipate your needs and achieve the best possible outcomes for you. Intensive care is needed for conditions including:

  • Traumatic injuries or a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness or condition
  • Postoperative care
  • Breathing difficulties requiring a ventilator
  • Cardiac or respiratory conditions

Your Intensive Care Team & Facilities

Our ICU and critical-care teams at Garnet Health Medical Center collaborate to provide you advanced, compassionate care. They include:

  • Intensivists
  • Hospitalists
  • Critical care registered nurses
  • Registered respiratory therapists (RRTs)
  • Pharmacists
  • Dieticians
  • Case managers/social workers

Garnet Health’s Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care Units are equipped with leading-edge technology, such as adaptive patient beds, breathing aids such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and bi-level positive air pressure (BiPAP) machines, ventilators and more.

If you don’t require full intensive care but still need specialized care, or you are a postsurgical patient, our Step-Down Unit (SDU) is part of the ICU and is available for you. You also will have the option to move to the SDU when intensive monitoring is no longer necessary, which can shorten your stay in the ICU while still allowing you to receive close care from our nurses and doctors.

Intensive Care Treatments 

Your Garnet Health physicians, nurses and advanced practice professionals will evaluate your condition when you arrive and determine a plan for your care, accessing specialists throughout the Garnet Health network to ensure timely, comprehensive treatment. Our intensive care specialists are experts in a variety of care regimens, including:

  • Artificial nutrition and feeding tube placement
  • Blood purification therapies, such as continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
  • Catheter placement, such as arterial and central lines 
  • Dialysis, using new, state-of-the-art equipment, hemodialysis is provided by a team of experienced dialysis nurses, nephrologists, and certified dialysis technicians. Additional support from social workers, dieticians and pastoral care complement our dialysis services.
  • Therapeutic hypothermia, or targeted temperature management
  • Tracheostomy
  • Vasoactive and inotropic medications
  • Therapies to improve or aid your breathing, such as ventilation 

ICU Guidelines for Visitors & Family

If you have a loved one staying in the ICU at Garnet Health, rest assured that we provide a restful environment especially conducive to healing. For this reason, we kindly request that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Limit visits and calls during your loved one’s stay. For the health and safety of both young visitors and your loved one, we do not allow visitors under age 14 in the ICU.
  • Rest is critical to patient care, and we encourage family members to ensure that their loved ones in the ICU receive that rest.
  • Please be respectful of closed curtains in patient rooms.
  • Flowers and latex balloons are not permitted in the ICU.
  • Please take any phone calls in the ICU family waiting area.

 We value communication with you and your loved ones, and we consider each patient and designated family members to be partners in care. We encourage family members to meet with the ICU team to better understand the immediate care being provided, as well as future treatments, goals and timeframes. 

Prioritizing Your Critical & Intensive Care

In health emergencies, expert intensive care is available at Garnet Health. Should you have any questions about your stay or visitation at Garnet Health, call:

  • Garnet Health Medical Center: 845-333-1000
  • Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills, Harris: 845-794-3300 
  • Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills, Callicoon: 845-887-5530

Garnet Health provides expert intensive care in Orange and Sullivan counties, including Middletown, Harris and Callicoon, NY.

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage family members to meet with the ICU Team to better understand the care that is being provided to a loved one.

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Patient Satisfaction

Our Patient Experience Program is designed to help patients and their families resolve issues that may emerge during their hospital admission.

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