Fracture Care at Garnet Health

Every day, you rely on your bones. Whether you’re walking to the mailbox, exercising, or simply relaxing, your bones enable you to live an active, vibrant life. 

You may not think much about your bones – until you fracture one. Suddenly, your body’s structural support system commands all your attention - needing prompt, attentive, expert care. Fortunately, when you need orthopedic management of fractures, and pain relief, our team is here to help. You don’t have to go far to find quality fracture care in Orange and Sullivan counties. It’s all available close to home, at Garnet Health.

Common Bone Fractures

Often, the management of fractures begins at the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care clinic. There, doctors and nurses provide trauma care to diagnose the severity of the problem through X-ray and other diagnostic tools. Common fractures that are diagnosed and treated include:

  • Ankle, foot and toe fractures
  • Arm and leg fractures
  • Elbow fractures
  • Hand and finger fractures
  • Hip fractures

Orthopedic Care for Fractures

Orthopedic care for fractures depends upon the location and severity of the fracture. Garnet Health’s comprehensive care, advanced technology and focus on an exceptional patient experience will help you avoid ongoing pain, swelling and tenderness around the fractured bone, numbness and potential deformity. Treatment for fractures include:

  • Bone replacement or repair – A single surgery often can put you on the road to recovery. However, in some cases, you may require additional orthopedic procedures to replace or repair fractured bones with organic or synthetic materials. 
  • Infection prevention – When a fracture breaks through the skin, the doctor cleans the area and uses special medication, if necessary, to prevent infection.
  • Splinting – One of the most common fracture treatments, splinting puts bones back into place and wrapping that part of your body in a protective cast or splint. This helps bones heal properly and prevents excessive pain and swelling.

While recovery from fractures can take weeks or even months, appropriate orthopedic care for fractures provides long-term pain relief and enhances quality of life. Once the fracture is healed, and any necessary rehabilitation is provided, you should be able to return to most or all of your previous activities. 

Following orthopedic surgery or other fracture treatment, you will likely see a physical therapist who will tailor a program to your needs. You will be educated on special exercises, under the guidance of our experienced rehabilitation experts, to help you regain function of the affected limbs and joints. Get the trusted, prompt orthopedic care you need, when you need it. Count on the experts at Garnet Health.

Garnet Health provides a full suite of fracture-care services in Orange and Sullivan Counties, including Middletown, Harris and Callicoon, NY.