Garnet Health Offers Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery 

Foot and ankle pain shouldn’t hold you back. You’ve tried physical therapy and pain medications for persistent pain in your foot or ankle, yet you’re still not getting the relief you need. Your orthopedic specialist may determine that reconstructive foot and/or ankle surgery is the best way for you to regain full comfort and mobility. 

Total Joint Replacement Pre-op Class

When you register for your surgery, you will receive information from your Physician's office on how to access our virtual Total Joint Replacement class. This informative class, will teach you how to prepare for surgery, what to expect and about the recovery process.

This surgery consists of complex repair(s) that may be necessary to regain function or stability, reduce pain and/or prevent further deformity or disease. Many conditions may necessitate surgery of the foot and/or ankle; these include injury or trauma, overuse, disease and abnormalities present from birth. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis, reconstructive surgery may require any of the following: 

  • Tendon repair/transfer
  • Skin or soft tissue repair
  • Fusion of bone
  • Joint implantation
  • Bone grafting
  • Tumor excision and/or the osteotomy of bone

The orthopedic doctors at Garnet Health provide expert diagnoses, proven treatments and aftercare for all types of foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. We will work with you to identify treatment options tailored specifically to your needs. This includes specialized outpatient rehabilitation care, including a comprehensive range of high-quality services and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment. 

Foot & Ankle Pain - Symptoms & Treatment


You may consider reconstructive foot and/or ankle surgery for you or a loved one if there is:

  • Long-term, persistent or recurring pain
  • Injury from trauma
  • Loss of function or mobility
  • A noticeable deformity
  • Not enough relief from initial, non-invasive treatments


Some foot and ankle problems may not respond to more conservative treatment methods if there is an underlying cause such as:

  • A fractured bone
  • A birth defect
  • An age-related condition such as arthritis
  • A torn or ruptured tendon
  • A disease that affects the foot, such as diabetes

Treatment & Surgery

The expert orthopedic surgeons at Garnet Health can provide examinations and perform evaluations to determine if surgery is necessary, and if so, the benefits of such a procedure. We know that access to quality orthopedic care is of the utmost importance to our patients. With exceptional care close to home, you do not have to drive from Orange or Sullivan counties to New York City to find a trusted orthopedic surgeon. It’s important to prioritize care, and Garnet Health offers convenient locations and schedules to help restore your quality of life through surgery.

Nearly all postoperative treatment plans for foot and ankle procedures include a combination of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Additionally, Garnet Health’s orthopedic specialists throughout the Hudson Valley provide care during follow-up visits after surgery, and they are a resource for answering questions without the need for extensive travel. 

Garnet Health’s highly skilled orthopedic surgeons perform reconstructive foot and ankle surgery for residents of Orange and Sullivan counties at Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown, NY.

Diagnostic Imaging at Garnet Health

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging techniques are typically utilized to effectively evaluate and diagnosis your specific condition or injury and determine your treatment needs.

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Rehabilitation Services at Garnet Health

Rehabilitation Services

After injury or a surgery, patients must re-engage nerves and relearn what was once automatic. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality services and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

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