Emergency Mental & Behavioral Health Care

Garnet Health Medical Center features a psychiatric emergency services available 24 hours a day, seven days per week through the hospital’s Emergency Room.

Individuals of any age experiencing a psychiatric emergency can come to our Access Center and be seen and treated by our multi-disciplinary professional staff, including: licensed Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatric Social Workers, Medical Emergency Room MDs and RNs.

Our comprehensive behavioral and mental health emergency services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medical evaluations
  • Treatment
  • Inpatient admissions
  • Transfers
  • Discharge planning services

What To Do In a Mental Health Emergency

More often than not, if you or a loved one is experiencing a severe emotional crisis or extreme behavioral or psychotic breakdown, you/they would likely not be willing to go to the emergency room, even if accompanied by a friend or family member.

The situation may involve the threat of suicide or the occurrence of a suicide attempt, or some kind of threat of harm to oneself or another person. As with any medical emergency, a mental health emergency can be life threatening. If the situation is potentially life-threatening, do not hesitate to get immediate emergency assistance you need by calling 9-1-1.

Trained emergency personnel can then access the situation and bring the patient to our Behavioral Access Center for evaluation and stabilized through treatment.

What Happens After Emergency Behavioral Health Care?

Depending on the individual needs of the patient, after evaluation and stabilization in our emergency Behavioral Health Access Center, he/she may admitted into our inpatient Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) located on-campus at Garnet Health Medical Center, or the patient may be referred to our outpatient behavioral and mental health services, including counseling and substance abuse treatment. In some cases, the patient may also be transferred to another facility that better serves their needs.

  • Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit - with locations in Middletown & Harris, NY, our experienced healthcare team provides inpatient treatment for adults 18 years of age and older under the direction of a Psychiatrist.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment - together, our staff can assist with restoring health and dignity to individuals and families suffering from alcoholism and substance abuse.
  • Counseling Services - our behavioral health team provides outpatient clinical services, treatments and counseling to patients and their families to successfully manage and overcome mental health illnesses.

Emergency Medicine

If your or a loved one’s condition can permanently impair or endanger life, please call 911 and/or go to the Emergency Department immediately.

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