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Period pain is a routine inconvenience for many women, but severe period pain shouldn’t interfere with your quality of life. When you find yourself seeking answers, turn to Garnet Health for support. Our approach to menstrual pain treatment is personalized, and has helped improve quality of life for women in the Orange and Sullivan County, NY, area. 

At Garnet Health, we know that your time is precious. Turn to our women’s health specialists for answers about your menstrual pain, a proper diagnosis and a workable treatment plan. We provide accessible healthcare for women and families in the Hudson Valley. Your well-being comes first; we approach treatment compassionately, providing exceptional support in a warm, healing environment.

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Painful Period Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Period pain — also called dysmenorrhea, menstrual pain or menstrual cramps — is a symptom of menstruation. During your monthly cycle, menstrual cramps can feel like throbbing, shooting pain in the lower abdomen. Other symptoms might include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches


Primary dysmenorrhea is the most common form of period pain and lasts for a few days before and during the menstrual cycle. This pain is caused by a chemical imbalance in your uterus. Too many of these chemicals, called prostaglandins, can make your uterine muscles contract and relax, causing menstrual cramps.

 Secondary dysmenorrhea is severe period pain that occurs in mature women. It’s caused by underlying health conditions that affect the uterus, like endometriosis and uterine fibroids. This type of period pain can linger before and after your period ends, worsening over time. 


To manage primary dysmenorrhea, you can try:  

  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or ibuprofen 
  • Practicing relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises)
  • Using a heating pad on your lower abdomen or back
  • Exercising regularly

If you suffer from extreme menstrual pain or secondary dysmenorrhea, prioritize seeking medical care. Garnet Health’s skilled, experienced OB/GYN team is available to provide support throughout your primary or secondary dysmenorrhea treatment. Through a medical exam and medical history assessment, we will partner with you to discuss your period pain, diagnose your condition and provide you with a personalized path to help you find relief.

Garnet Health doctors offer comprehensive and collaborative care, supporting women in their healthcare journey. 

When searching for women’s care specialists in Orange and Sullivan County, NY, turn to Garnet Health. 

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