Radiation Treatment and the Deep Inhalation (Inspiration) Breath Hold (DIBH) Technique

When receiving radiation therapy, one of the goals is to make sure that damage is not caused to other organs near the treatment site. When treating areas in which the heart is in close proximity, it can be vulnerable to radiation exposure. Many treatment centers now use a technique called Deep Inhalation (or Inspiration) Breath Hold or DIBH, as taking a deep breath moves the heart further away from the treatment site to limit radiation exposure.

This technique by itself however can be difficult for patients, as they are expected to hold the same position for the same duration each time they receive radiation.

AlignRT + DIBH

Garnet Health uses the AlignRT system (from VisionRT) along with DIBH. This system monitors the entire area during the procedure, monitors a patients breathing, and only activates the radiation therapy when the patient is in the correct position.

This technique is offered based on the location of the treatment site, and consideration of the patients' breathing capability.

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