Visiting Hours at Garnet Health Medical Center

Garnet Health recognizes that patients need the support of family and friends while they are in the hospital or visiting for an outpatient appointment or procedure. We welcome visitors and request that you follow our visitation guidelines in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. It is required that all visitors wear hospital issued masks, provided upon your arrival, the entire time of your visit and that you remain socially distant and practice good hand hygiene often. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note that virtual video visits can easily be arranged so family and love ones can remain in contact while hospitalized. To arrange a video visit, please speak with your nurse or the Patient Advocacy department, at: 845-333-1164

Middletown Campus - Effective March 18, 2021

Sunday to Saturday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm

No more than two (2) visitors at a time, 18 years or older
Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis

2 East
Visitation suspended at this time

6 South
Partner / Doula allowed 24/7;
No visitation otherwise

6 North
Partner allowed 24/7;
One (1) visitor allowed at a time

Mom and banded support person allowed

24/7 Emergency Department
One (1) visitor / support person 24/7, after patient screening is complete

Outpatient Services, Garnet Health Doctors’ Appointments & Urgent Care One
(1) visitor / support person allowed to accompany patient through registration process; visitor allowed to wait in waiting area per social distancing requirements and room capacity allowances; eating and drinking is not permitted.

Behavioral Health Unit
No visitation at this time.

COVID+ & PUI Patients
Two (2) visitors per day, duration up to 30 minutes. Visitors must adhere to the specific PPE protocol for COVID-19.

Visitor Management System

Garnet Health Medical Center utilizes a Visitor Management System in the main lobby to provide a more accurate head count of who and how many visitors are in the hospital in case of an emergency. All visitors will need to show valid ID upon entering the hospital and the new hi-tech ID card scanning system will produce a visitor badge that must be worn at all times.

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