Patient Blood Management: Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program

The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program is an evidence-based approach of maximal conservation and minimal use of blood products. In an effort to provide the same safe and quality care to patients who do not wish to receive blood products or transfusions as part of their medical care, Garnet Health is pleased to offer our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program.

What is Bloodless Surgery?

The term “bloodless” implies that those patients who wish to be included in the Program will not receive blood transfusions during their surgery; this does not mean you won’t bleed during your procedure.

Careful preparation and planning of the surgical patient prior to their procedure is significant to facilitate a bloodless surgery. Patients who opt for bloodless surgery will be monitored and may be given certain types of medications and iron supplements to prepare their body for the procedure. State-of-the-art equipment and procedures will be utilized during surgery to conserve or prevent excessive bleeding. In many cases, blood lost can be salvaged and recycled.

At Garnet Health Medical Center, we are considerate of all patients’ decisions regarding alternative options to blood products. We also respect a patient’s choice not to receive any blood products and transfusions whether for religious beliefs, health concerns, knowledge of complications or other personal convictions.

We recognize that there are health benefits strongly reinforced by scientific evidence that bloodless medicine is a safe and effective option for patients. Specific benefits include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Lower rates of post-op complications including heart attack, stroke and infections
  • Avoiding risks associated with transfusions such as allergic reactions, contamination or exposure to viruses/infections or receiving the wrong blood type

How does Bloodless Medicine and Surgery work?

The Patient Blood Management: Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program is a hospital-wide effort including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clergy and laboratory staff who respect your personal choice of blood management. We offer many high quality and effective bloodless techniques as alternatives to blood transfusions. Among them are:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Cell saver/blood salvage
  • Volume expansion
  • Use of hematopoietic therapies to boost production of your own red blood cells

We encourage you to explore your options of bloodless medicine and surgery at Garnet Health. Our Bloodless Program is comprised of experienced professionals who are passionate advocates for those who decide to avoid blood products.

It is important to discuss your a bloodless medicine approach for your care with a physician involved in your care - particularly in the case of an invasive or potentially invasive procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose bloodless care?

There are many reasons one can choose bloodless care. Some have strong religious beliefs, while others are knowledgeable of the potential complications and have healthcare concerns or other personal convictions.

What patients will receive bloodless care?

Any patient who wishes to be enrolled into the Program will be identified upon their registration at Garnet Health Medical Center. Our Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Program Director will be notified and will work with you to provide information and counseling on bloodless care.

How can I be sure I will receive bloodless care?

Our healthcare team has agreed that they will provide bloodless care to any patient who requests it. Patients will be identified at registration and then banded as “bloodless patients” throughout their stay.

Is bloodless medicine and surgery safe?

Yes, the Patient Blood Management: Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program offers you the best possible care without the use of blood. Research and studies have shown that people who opt for bloodless care benefit by shorter hospital stays, decreased risk of infections, lower rates of post-op complications and less allergic and immunological reactions.

Can I change my mind and receive blood?

Yes, you may opt out of the Program at any time. You will need to notify the appropriate team members, and the Navigator will be informed so that you may make your wishes known and discuss your concerns about receiving blood or blood products.

What providers participate in the bloodless medicine program?