Nutritional Assessments at Garnet Health

Comprehensive nutritional assessments are a key part of a regimen that benefits your well-being. If it has been recommendation that you undergo a nutritional assessment, rely on the experienced providers at Garnet Health Doctors. Our highly skilled team — which includes Board-certified family medicine and internal medicine clinicians, certified medical assistants and nurses — is committed to providing systematic, patient-focused, coordinated care. 

This dedication has helped our Garnet Health Doctors locations achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). With six locations across Orange and Sullivan Counties, we provide you with the convenient care you deserve. We even offer same-day appointments to help accommodate our patients’ hectic schedules.

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An Overview of Nutritional Assessments

What Does a Nutritional Assessment Involve?

Each nutritional assessment is tailored to that patient’s specific needs. These assessments generally involve:

  • Taking the patient’s measurements for height, weight, body circumference and skinfold thickness
  • Checking for signs of a nutritional deficiency
  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history
  • Completing a clinical assessment (which considers how certain health conditions could impact the patient’s nutrition)
  • Performing a biochemical assessment (which involves testing the patient’s organ function and examining the amount of nutrients and chemicals in his or her blood, urine and stool)
  • Completing a dietary assessment (reviewing how much food the patient eats, the type of food he or she eats, how frequently he or she eats and whether he or she has experienced food allergies or loss of appetite)
  • Performing a food-security assessment (which determines whether the patient has adequate access to food, both physically and economically)
  • Completing an environmental assessment (determining whether the patient can adequately shop for and cook food)

Completing these steps helps us gain a more comprehensive understanding of a patient’s dietary health. Once we’ve performed a nutritional assessment, we can tell whether the patient is consuming adequate nutrients and, if not, provide him or her with the necessary support.

Who Can Benefit From a Nutritional Assessment?

In many cases, individuals who have been identified as potentially malnourished (or at risk for being malnourished) will be referred for a nutritional assessment. However, any patient seeking healthier nutrition options to improve health and quality of life could benefit from a nutritional assessment.

Garnet Health Doctors provides nutritional assessments at locations throughout Orange and Sullivan Counties.

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