The TrueBeam System

Garnet Health Medical Center is very pleased to offer cancer radiation treatment through TrueBeam from Varian Medical Systems. This advanced oncology radiotherapy system is fast, precise, and can enhance the overall patient experience during treatment. TrueBeam is engineered to deliver powerful image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments for cancer with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

The advanced imaging and powerful treatment modes of this radiotherapy machine allows our doctors at Garnet Health Medical Center to treat some of the most complex cancers effecting our patients, including cancers effecting the:

Increased Precision with Motion Management Technologies

The machine has the full capability to perform frame-less based Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). To ensure the patient’s position accuracy during the treatment, an advance image system called OSMS (Optical Surface Monitor system) is used to hold the radiation beam if the body movement is more than 1-2 mm. The beam will automatically resume if the body part back to its original planned position.

By integrating advanced imaging with the motion management technologies of OSMS, also allows for the delivery of treatment while monitoring and compensating for respiratory tumor motion. This means that even as tumors move when a patient breathes (for example, those in the lung or breast), treatment can still be precisely targeted due to special tools that compensate for motion throughout a treatment.

Faster Treatment Benefits Overall Patient Experience

Treatments with the Varian TrueBeam Radiotherapy system are fast, which can not only make the patient experience overall more comfortable and convenient during radiation therapy, but it also helps protect healthy tissue and surrounding organs by reducing tumor motion during treatment.

Through the TrueBeam radiotherapy treatment system, patient experience is also enhanced due to the built-in communications system which allows our clinical staff to be in constant communication with patients.

Education and Support

From cancer support groups and screenings to our clinical trials program, we provide comprehensive cancer care. If you or a loved one has cancer, count on Garnet Health Medical Center’s experienced physicians, compassionate staff and live-saving technologies to fight the battle, together with you.

The team is backed by advanced technology and a compassionate staff that personalize your cancer care, so you can enjoy life again.

Should you have any questions about your stay at Garnet Health Medical Center or about planning to visit a family or friend who is a patient, do not hesitate to contact us at 845-333-1000.