Cancer Treatment, Therapies & Procedures

At Garnet Health, you are cared for by a team of experts who address your cancer diagnosis as well as your health needs beyond cancer. The cancer treatment options your doctor recommends depends on the type and stage of cancer, possible side effects, and the patient’s preferences and overall health.

The team is backed by advanced technology and a compassionate staff that personalize your cancer care, so you can enjoy life again.

We have continued to keep pace with the rapid evolution of exciting technologies in our field and our oncology program remains equally committed to one of the most important components of cancer treatment: patient care. We take a collaborative approach to each unique case to ensure that all patients receive the expert attention, multidisciplinary perspectives and quality treatment they deserve.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

You can rely on Garnet Health for comprehensive diagnostic testing in Orange and Sullivan counties.

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Patient Information & Resources

We provide a variety of patient resources online regarding your patient rights, billing, so you can get a jump start on your stay or appointment.

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