Hospitalists at Garnet Health

Hospital physicians, known as a hospitalists, function as primary care doctors while you are in our Garnet Health hospitals. They coordinate your care, help ensure that you have the best possible experience and provide key information for you and your family at a time when you need it most. 

What is a hospitalist? 

Hospitalists are board-certified internists and family practitioners whose core expertise is the care and safety of hospitalized patients. They work with other specialists to guide all major aspects of your treatment while you are in the hospital.  

What do hospitalists do? 

Because hospitalists do not typically see patients outside of the hospital, all their time is spent caring for hospitalized patients. They are available in the hospital 24 hours a day, making them easily accessible in emergencies or when questions arise. They coordinate care and are extremely familiar with the hospital’s processes and procedures. 

How does a hospitalist improve my care?

Hospitalists specialize in the clinical problems of acutely ill hospitalized patients. They manage day-to-day care and attend to patient needs, facilitating collaboration and communication with all care team members. Because hospitalists are familiar with every specialist and department in the hospital, they can promptly follow up on test results and treatments. This results in high-quality care for you. 

How do I contact my hospitalist? 

During your hospital stay, one of our hospitalists will be responsible for coordinating your care and will be available to answer questions about your diagnosis or treatment plans. If you or your family members need to speak with the hospitalist, ask your nurse to contact them. In addition, the hospitalist service employs a patient care coordinator, who will work with you and the hospital staff to ensure a smooth transition to assisted-care facilities or between inpatient and outpatient settings when you are discharged. 

Do hospitalists work with my primary care provider? 

Yes. When you are in the hospital, your hospitalist will communicate regularly with your primary care provider, making sure that they are informed of your condition and the plan of care. Your primary care provider can supply important information regarding your medical history, medications and needs. 

What happens when I am discharged?

When you are discharged, the hospitalist will make arrangements for prescriptions you may need. Your primary care provider will receive a written discharge summary, with complete information about your hospital diagnosis and treatment. 

Garnet Health provides patients in Middletown, Harris, Callicoon, NY, and surrounding communities with compassionate, patient-centered hospital medicine care in Orange and Sullivan counties. 

Patient Satisfaction

Our Patient Experience Program is designed to help patients and their families resolve issues that may emerge during their hospital admission.

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